My name is Roman Pihov, I am engaged in design diversely


Graphic / Branding


We live in a very special time when the amount of visual information for the ultimate, and everyone in the business tries to separate from all the others.

I develop projects that help to create and revitalize brands is an established brand on the market, and companies taking their first steps. In working on branding and graphic design I based the solution of tasks set before the company, and not simply the creation of alternative schedules.


Branding Packs

AD Campaing Explay Rio

AD Campaing Explay Tornado

Identity Explay

Identity AlfaSnab

3D Modeling

Graphic games

Presentatio 4Good





At the beginning of his professional activity I engaged in graphics and animation in Flash, participated in the creation of online games and interactive applications. Recently, the Design of the Graphics and Movement are intertwined for me in a new form - it Motion Design in a Video, which gave me personally a new experience, to my clients I was able to offer a new format of presenting information. Currently doing from creating concepts of the rollers to the implementation of a holistic final product.


AD Campaing Explay Tornado

AD Campaing Jinga Iron

Movement of

the city Moscow

Presentation of Promotion

campaign Explay RIO




products / people / nature

Create photographs of my life have been very early, long before the advent of modern digital technology. When I was a kid had a Zenit E camera made in USSR in the early 80s, in those years I not only photographed, but he showed the film and did photo printing. Currently, photography is one of my key destinations, it is subject photography and working with models.




Advertizing shooting




Photos products



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